The law office of Marianne Zembryski, LLC is mediation-friendly. With over twenty-five (25) years of experience in the negotiation and settlement of divorce and other family law matters, I can assist you in several different ways in resolving your legal issues through mediation:

  • I can serve as a mediator assisting both parties in attempting to amicably resolve the issues in dispute.
  • I can consult with you before you attend your first mediation session to assist you in preparing for the process.
  • I can consult with you during the mediation process to help guide you towards final resolution.
  • I can attend mediation sessions with you as your attorney.
  • I can review Memorandums of Understanding or other proposed settlement agreements on your behalf.
  • I can prepare Marital Settlement Agreements based upon Memorandums of Understanding on your behalf.
  • I can represent you in filing for divorce once the mediation process has been successfully concluded.

As no two situations are alike, you may require one or more of the above services to bring your matter to conclusion, please contact me so that we can have the opportunity to discuss how I may best assist you.